Frequently Asked Questions

Save yourself the time and effort of emailing when the answer might be in here.


What is the difference between the personal and the business license?

A personal license is for non-commercial use only. This means that you are not using it during your work nor selling any of the assets.

Do you offer any student discounts?

No because we priced the software at a very discounted price and we offer the Personal License at 50% that of the Business License. The Personal Licence is for home-use as well as academic use, or any use that is non-commercial which means you're not using in your job or using as part of something you're selling to a customer or client.

Installation and Uninstalling

What should I do if I receive an error code after I insert the 25 digit serial key from the email I received?

Please email and make certain you are not connected via a proxy server or through a VPN. Either of these could cause issues connecting with the license server.

If I uninstall from Windows and then try to re-install I get an error that Design Cartoon is already on my computer. How can I fix this?

This is a known issue. Apparently our installer leaves a residual folder in the Program Files folder. Just delete the Design Cartoon folder from the Program File directory and you should be able to reinstall the software.

What if I want to uninstall the software from one machine and load it on a different machine?

Please email so we can reset your license so it can be installed on a different machine.

Character Creator

What is a base character?

A base character is just a starting point and represents only the facial features from one of six ethnic groups. It is intended purely as a starting point for your character.

Why after editing the character for awhile it seems like the various perspectives are no longer in synch with each other?

If you make too many edits to the transformation of any given body part, eventually it's going to lose it's ability to synch with the other 3 perspectives. Limit your transformations and have a previous version saved of your character in case you need to roll back. It is caused by rounding error that over time causes the horizontal calculations to eventually go out-of-synch across perspectives this happens mostly when using the skew transform.

Background Creator

Is it better to import a character vs. importing a .jpg or .png of a character?

You will want to import the character and not the exported image of the character. The import character is a vector based image plus its body parts can be ungrouped and regrouped for minor adjustments.

How can I switch or toggle between pan/zoom and select in the Editing Window?

Use the mouse right-click and choose which mode you want to use. Panning and zooming only works one you're zoomed into the background. It stops working when fully zoomed back at 100%.

Storyboard Creator

Why is there no insert character or background built into the tool

The Storyboard Creator stands on its own regardless of where you created your .jpg and/or.png images. Unlike the Character and Background Creator tools there is no actual integration between them and the Storyboard Creator.

If I try to open a .sb file that I received from someone else why doesn't the layout look proper?

Not only do you want to import the .sb file but make certain you get their external asset folder and place them into the Design Cartoon folder which is located in your documents folder.