Rapid Design Time

What once took months, weeks and days can now be created within hours, minutes and even seconds.


Clear and Creative

One level-deep navigation, an easy to learn workflow and total artistic control make it fun to use.


Platform Friendly

Runs on most Laptops and Desktops (MAC and Windows)

(except for Windows 8, tablets or smart phones)

Recent Works


Create comic images for your brochures, here is ours.

Quick Guide

Take a look at all of the features.

Mock-up Logos

Personify logos and other artistic images.

Create Storyboards for Video Shoots

Prepare your crew with rapidly created storyboard panels.

Create Comic Books

Provide your communications and training materials in comic book format.

From the blog

blog Installing Design Cartoon

Find out about the latest installation issues.

blog Modifying Facial Features

Learn new tips and tricks on creating various facial features.

blog In A Hurry? Try Randomize

If you aren't certain about what type of character you want, start off randomizing.

Extensive Documentation

The Quickstart Guide (High quality for printing)

will show you all of our product features.

The Design Cartoon Suite User Guide

We cover every detail of our three tools.

Lots of Features

Design Cartoon Suite Brochure (High quality for printing)

A nice example of integrating characters into your product brochures.

Design Cartoon Business Case Matrix

Here is how you can justify your purchase with management.